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standard Uranus in Taurus – Warning: Banking and Earthquakes

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Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which means that this zodiac sign or the natural second house of horoscope deals with values and resources. On the other side, Uranus is the planet of change and disruption. Put them together and we will have the clear and simple formula for disrupted markets and radical changes in banking systems and currencies.

Uranus in Taurus – Warning: Banking and Earthquakes

Planet Uranus entered into the sign of Aries from watery Pisces in the early spring time of 2011 and on that very day we witnessed the horrible tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. Nothing could describe better the transit of this planet from water to fire astrological sign than this tragic accident. At the same time this transit accelerated political events, technological innovations and new business ideas, some of them good and some of them bad, but the quality of those issues was always fast and even furious as the sign of Aries basically is.

Uranus moves through each zodiac sign in approximately seven years and during the time of its first entrance it usually creates some sort of bubble which explodes and then things settle a bit, but through some new conditions or rules. When Uranus enters into the sign of Taurus we can first expect the financial bubble all over the world’s markets and related to all sorts of currencies.

Crypto world should establish itself on the way more stable foundations in the next seven years and regarding this fact we can also expect some legal or governmental regulations related to blockchain technology and protocols.

Besides banking and technology world, we can expect some strong earthquakes and heightened volcano activities because Taurus is the sign of earth element. Having in mind that throughout this whole year Uranus will hold the strong trine or positive aspect with the planet Saturn, something new and very innovative will work perfectly well with something old or traditional. This could relate to new organic technology in agriculture, mining or metallurgy. In this regard, we should all be on the lookout around 2020 and 2021 when planets Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto form the square toward Uranus and this will be the marking point for the new era in business with some great political disturbances.

On the brighter side we will also see some breakthroughs and innovations in the world of art, especially music and some magnificent and even magical voices will be heard all over the world, because Taurus controls voice and throat. However, be aware of thyroid problems too.

To see how these Aspects affect you personally or for personal testing of my astrological skills I’ve made this week’s You Tube video, so check if my predictions can resonate with you.

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Uranus in Taurus – Warning: Banking and Earthquakes

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