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Venus and Neptune in Pisces

Passion, joy, pleasure, fashion, inspiration, design, desserts, jewelry, makeup, vehicles… these are all terms related to the planet Venus in astrology. And depending on the position of your natal Venus, which means in what sign and house she is placed, and what kind of aspects she makes, your capacity to feel and enjoy the beautiful side of life will be expressed.

Venus in Aries or placed in the first house is all about self-expression. Red hair, red lips, group sports like volleyball are engraved deep in the heart of this warrior lady. She loves to wear sports types of clothes but with little elegant details and even if you don’t want to, you will notice her for sure, because of her inner strength.

Venus is Taurus or placed in the second house talks volumes about elegance, even decadency. She is always the most expensive doll in the room. Her colors are discrete, but brands she is wearing are more than noticeable in the terms of prices. Best restaurants, best resorts, cars and handbags. She is the star of all social media.

Venus is Gemini or placed in the third house is all about movement. She is the child, always running around, carrying her phone, talking, talking and talking. She is a surfer’s or skaters princess, exploring the world of crypto currencies and planning the next manga party. Her colors are baby pink, blue or green and she is always dancing between the grown up woman and a child.

Venus in Cancer or placed in the fourth house is a mama’s next mama. The queen of the home. She knows everything, but literarily everything related to household. She will cure you with the chicken soup and she will take care of you like you are her baby. In fact, everyone in this world is a baby. Her eyes are big, as well as her smile and she needs to feel safe and warm, and then she will start to open her heart. Her colors are white and dark blue, but all the colors of food are her kingdom also.

Venus in Leo or placed in a fifth house is the royal highness, the highest of the high. She is blond and dressed in gold and glow. Drama queen from time to time, but naïve like a child and almighty like a movie diva.

Venus the Queen of Pleasure

Venus in Virgo or placed in the sixth house is all about the colors of earth, leaves and grains. She is the healer and accountant, the merchant and the writer. Her body is usually smaller or thinner and she is the fairy of pumpkins, chestnuts and all the autumn treasures and herbal remedies.

Venus is Libra or placed in the seventh house is the name for justice and harmony. Her colors are picked with outmost care and they are always softened and precisely combined. Her body has to look perfect, because perfection is the highest form of discipline and her makeup is added in harmonious and calculated manner, as well as her smile. She is the symbol of all symbols, and she knows this very well.

Venus in Scorpio or placed in the eighth house is the essence of passion. Her colors are dark red and dark purple with the everlasting blackest black. Even when she is formally dressed her appearance is always showing hidden sexy mistress behind her serious or focused face. Her makeup can be decent, but the black eyeliner and the dark red lipstick are a must.

Venus in Sagittarius or placed in the ninth house describe the most handsome lady with the longest legs and PHD in nuclear physics. She knows everything regarding God, Multiverse, tennis or running. Dark blond, tall and sexy, but in an educated way – this is her.

Venus in Capricorn or placed in the tenth house is the president’s wife. Her gray hair and everlasting style can show any young woman how the quality lady should look like. And although she can be an Ice queen, she will be remembered for sure and for generations to come.

Venus in Aquarius or placed in the eleventh house shows technical androgen type of woman and you will never be sure is she a woman or a man who looks even better than the real woman. Strong and metallic colors on her face and clothes, equipped with the latest gadgets and driving a rocket, while thinking about social injustice, that’s her.

Venus in Pisces or in twelfth house is the dreamy one. She is hidden in poetry and art. Her colors are mixture of the ocean, the heavens and the fantasies. She is all about illusion and expectation, the most beautiful, but at the same time the one which is so hard to find.

To see how these Aspects affect you personally or for personal testing of my astrological skills I’ve made this You Tube video, so check if my predictions can resonate with you.

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Venus the Queen of Pleasure

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