standard Venus Welcomes Saturn in Capricorn


Welcome home, darling.

Welcome back to this castle, this fortress at the top of the mountain.


When 17 000 private jets are waiting for their landing permits, I know you are there… in Davos.

When the trading platforms are crashing down, in the same manner the land is cracking, I know you are there.

When millions of starving souls are starting wars, I know you are leading them.

Give them the idea of equality, or socialism, to play around for a while.


Give them anything cheap while we are collecting properties, assets, oil, minerals, gold…

Gold, darling.


I’ll wait for you dressed in black. I supposed to be just the plain piece of coal until you came and put me through all sorts of pressures and temperatures.

So I could be a diamond at last.

But then it wasn’t over.


I had to go through grinding and polishing, grinding and polishing.

To be able to refract the light in the perfect manner.


Dressed in black with diamonds and one raven’s feather in my hair, just to astonish you.


I collect the shiny stones and one day I’ll give them to my daughter and she will give them to her daughter.

Because jewelry belongs to women.

And jewelry, those shiny rocks are the tickets to freedom when the wars start.


And because tradition is your middle name.

For the same reason you will love me more now that I’m an old woman.

Now that I can find the gray hairs, practicality and wisdom in any situation.


Marble floors are getting ready for the reception and waltzing tonight and all important figures will be there to set the rules for the coming years, to plan our mining expansion, constructions, real-estate, banking, and innovations.

We’ll be dancing over dungeons where our slaves and workers are placed, and over crypts with the dry bones of our ancestors.

Dragon is sleeping underneath all castle floors and don’t worry, I’m taking care of him.


And while you are approaching up the mountain I can see your warriors, big and crazy enough to strangle a bear. But I know you love to hit people in their knees.

Nothing can please you more than looking at someone brought to his knees.

I was on mine, until I’ve learned the rules.


Welcome home, darling.

I gave them the instructions to prepare you goat’s meat and some roots, because you love plain peasant food.

Meal is burnt a bit, just as you like it.


There is the certain quality of light even in the blackest black.

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Venus Welcomes Saturn in Capricorn

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