standard Welcome to the world of transformation!


There are times when we feel that we’ve suffered too much. There are times when we feel we just want to leave everything and run away. There are moments when we feel helpless, doomed, and lost. But then we do find a way to come back. We make a choice – either to shed the old skin and start afresh or go back to that zone that is familiar to us.

I chose the former one. I made the conscious shift. I wanted to live. I wanted to throw away all those fears, pains, anguish, resentment, and I just don’t know what other emotions I had been carrying with me. I felt lost… I was on the verge of depression. It was a tough, but the best decision I took in my life. Move on. Make a shift. Transform myself so that I could lead the better life and why not? I did deserve a better life.

Welcome to the world of transformation!

There are so many tools available today to transform our lives, make our lives better. I started making the shift through affirmations. I was eagerly searching for  a solution that would help me shed the excess weight. I was unable to do it even though I was following a good diet plan and a fabulous exercise regimen. And, then I came across a book that changed my life for the better – Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life.

It was the beginning of a new journey. The path had been very tough. As I transformed, I had to let go of many people, habits, and things as they didn’t serve me in my new path. I am grateful to God and all my guides for showing me the right path at the right time and keeping me sane and alive filled with blessings and happiness.

Now, I share whatever knowledge I had gained through my personal practice and learning with others so that I could help them heal. Remember, only you can change your world. You are the sole person responsible for your happiness. And, the moment you realize it, your life will become blissful.

So here’s what I can help you with, and will be writing about:

Tarot/Oracle Card guidance: These are powerful messages that really make us think. They coax us delve deeper into those aspects of our lives that we comfortably try to forget or block.

Yoga Workouts: Simple plans that you can practice at the comfort of your home.

Positive Affirmations: To shift your attitude towards life and change for the better.

Crystal Suggestions: Alternative healing solutions that can be combined with traditional therapies for healing.

Messages from spirits and guides: Being a psychic medium, I can connect with those who have passed over. There are times these messages change your life forever.

And much more… Just like a butterfly that spreads its wings after being a cocoon to soar high, you can also move ahead in life. So are you ready for a new journey with me? Follow along, like or subscribe.


Welcome to the world of transformation!

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