Ex Satanist Details Illuminati Spiritual Plan  - What do Satanists Believe?

standard What do Satanists Believe?

Ex Satanist Details Illuminati Spiritual Plan  - What do Satanists Believe?

Satanist beliefs, like any religion, center around a simple core of how to behave to the world around them. Most Satanists do not “worship the devil” in the traditional sense. In fact, they don’t worship “the devil” at all. There are several branches within Satanism so that for some Satanist beliefs Satan is the main figure while others see Lucifer, the fallen angel, as the star role.

What do Satanists Believe?


Satanists do not believe in god, but that doesn’t mean they are atheists. Atheists believe in no god or higher beings at all but Satanist beliefs are that you, yourself, are the higher being. To a Satanist they are the most important person in their universe, the current Satanist High Priest refers to this as I-Theist. While Satan is a symbol of the values Satanists want to follow they do not worship like Christians would towards god as part of their beliefs.

La Vey Satanism

Much of Satanist beliefs come from the teachings of founder Anton Le Vay’s book the Satanic Bible. The bible uses many sources from ancient concepts and philosophy to science. The concept is that Satanism is an evolving belief system that changes with time rather than a set of rules like the ten commandments.


Just no. Satanist Beliefs do not include child sacrifice, blood sacrifice, or anything of the sort. Most of these misunderstandings come from a failure to separate Satanism as a religion from Occultism and ritual magic. The two are not the same. Sacrifices are usually aimed at pleasing a deity or higher being, so since Satanist beliefs are atheist in nature there is no “higher being”. Pizza could technically be a personal sacrifice……

Sex Abuse

Again, no. Satanist beliefs are very modern when it comes to sexuality and there is an emphasis on consent and legal practices. No children, animals, or rape permitted. In fact, Church of Satan members who are caught practicing any of those lose their membership permanently and it’s not possible for anyone under the age of 18 to be a full member of the church.

What do Satanists Believe?

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