What is an Astrological Chart?

Full Moon in Cancer and Wonderful New Ideas

Simply put, an astrological chart is the projection of the sky on the Earth’s surface. In the case of the natal chart or the chart of birth this is like you made the snapshot of the sky above you in the moment you were born.

In this regard you should make a difference between Vedic or sidereal and western or tropical astrology. School of Vedic astrology uses the sky positions of the planets. For instance, if you look at the sky right now you will see that the Sun is placed in the constellation of Sagittarius. This means that the transiting Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius. However, the projection of this position on the Earth’s surface falls in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. So the transiting Sun is in Capricorn.

This is happening, and still creates a lot of confusion, because of the precession of equinox. If we wanted to explain this very shortly the explanation would go something like this… We all know that the time on Earth is determined by measuring the lengths of days and nights. And we have two points – spring and fall equinoxes, when day and night last the same amount of time; but we also have two points called summer and winter solstices, the longest day and the longest night of the year.

The longest night of the year happens on 21st of December when Sun enters into the sign of Capricorn and this is tropical or western astrology. However, for Vedic astrology Sun is still in Sagittarius, because it’s astronomical position is in Sagittarius.

And trust me, if the astrologer is good, any of those two systems will certainly help you to get ahead of future events and sometimes even to protect yourself from negative consequences.

Astrological chart which shows the current planetary positions is called the chart of transits, and comparing those transits with your natal positions of planets, you can determine future events. In the same manner if we open the chart of the sky right now asking a question, this chart is called horary or prashna chart and the current planetary positions solely should answer our question clearly. If we want to choose the proper time for important future event, this chart is called electional chart.

There are also divisional charts in Vedic astrology which are calculated for certain areas of our lives and there are progression and harmonics charts in western astrology, which are basically doing the same thing, but using different mathematical calculations.

And for personal testing of my astrological skills I’ve made this You Tube video, so you check if my predictions can resonate with you.

Full Moon in Cancer and Wonderful New Ideas

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