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Where are you in your Spiritual Journey? Find out now by reading this. What is Mortal Sin and Venial Sin?Death is inevitable. Everyone alive will die one day. Hence human beings are also known as Mortals. When a mortal intentionally commits an act which can only be categorized as committed by the hand of devil or evil spirit it’s called Mortal Sin. The three principles which identify a mortal sin is that it is of grave matter, and it is committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent of the sinner. Once such a sin is committed there is no scope for the sinner to be reunited with God and the divine life in him or her is demolished. A person with no  humanity or soul can easily commit a mortal sin once or repeatedly over and over again. It doesn’t matter to them whether they harm their own family members, relatives, friends, unknown people, or strangers.

What is Mortal Sin and Venial Sin?Murder, rape, incest, adultery, theft, fraud, terrorism are examples some commonly committed mortal sins. Mortal sins can be fatal and change and destroy many lives simultaneously. Pick up today’s newspaper and you will find out how these sins are committed daily. Is this the end of humanity or is this the rise of evil? Can someone who commits mortal sin be forgiven? Should euthanasia and suicide be considered as mortal sins? These questions are worth debating.


What is Mortal Sin and Venial Sin?On the other hand Venial Sin is a slight small sin which is committed knowingly or unknowingly everyday by each one of us. Although venial sin is less serious in nature, if we let that become a habit it can easily be the stepping stone of mortal sin. One can confess of the venial sins committed by him or her. Venial sin does weaken your connection with God but it doesn’t necessarily break it forever unlike mortal sins. Anger, envy, greed, hatred, jealousy, gossip, addiction, drinking, smoking, pornography, drug abuse are some examples of venial sins in my opinion. There are some people who also consider emotional-eating, overeating, stress-eating, not taking care of parents, not spending time with their children and loved ones as venial sins. Penance, repentance, and abstinence can surely help and free us from the guilt of venial sins.

I read this beautiful message online: “Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay”.

And finally “To err is human, to forgive, divine”


What is Mortal Sin and Venial Sin?

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