What is the Best Kama Sutra Position?

If you’re a grown adult who enjoys sex you’ve probably heard of the Kama Sutra. This ancient Indian text is considered to be a sex manual for the adventurous but you’ve probably been doing many of the positions without even realizing it. The great thing about the Kama Sutra is that the positions are written specifically for different anatomy – they will tell you if it’s better for a heavier woman or for a well-hung guy.

What is the Best Kama Sutra Position?Indirani

This is a fun one that’s best for a lady who doesn’t have a big butt. Have your lady lie on her back with her knees cradled to her chest. Kneel in front of her and bring one leg straight up over your shoulder and raise the other, bent to your hip. She can grab your thighs/butt for some leverage if needed but this also works great up against a wall/headboard so she can push back onto you and drive deeper. This is a tight position and the motion on her hips each time causes the muscles in the vagina to squeeze even harder. Great for both of you!

What is the Best Kama Sutra Position?Milk and Water

A good position for a longer guy this gives her full control and is easier on the knees than the reverse cowgirl position. This is a real simple one and you’ve probably done some version of it before. You’ll need a seat or stool without arms (the edge of the bed works depending on the height). Have your lady “sit” on your lap. This gives her full control and the same deep penetration that the cowgirl position does but also allows for more flexibility for the angle and is ideal for a “quickie”.

What is the Best Kama Sutra Position?Clasping

This is a great “lazy” position for when neither of you really wants to get up or get too active with it. If you’re comfortable spooning then it’s likely you’ve already done this. Not ideal for plus size people as the angle will only give you partial penetration if you’re not well-hung. Great for lots of eye contact and touching. While spooning simply lift her top leg and bring it forwards then enter from behind.

The Clip

What is the Best Kama Sutra Position?

This is a fun one that changes up the reverse cowgirl some more. The man lies on his back while his lover straddles him and penetrates. Then she leans back into his arms and he raises his knees. This position allows for good friction for both parties and you can lean back onto your arms if you’re not a yoga goddess and can’t go all the way down. It’s also great if you like manual stimulation as he can reach around to your front or grip your hips to thrust deeper if the lady starts to tire.

The Crossed Keys

What is the Best Kama Sutra Position?

Fancy getting flexible? The crossed keys needs your girl to be a little bit kinky. Have her lie on her back and cross her legs in the lotus position then raise them up over her head so that she’s balanced on her shoulders. With your arms either side of her shoulders rest your hips onto hers, pressing her legs into her chest as you penetrate. This can also be changed for the legs to be open or wrapped around his waist for variations. Also great if she likes getting choked! (be gentle).

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What is the Best Kama Sutra Position?

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