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What Makes Sanjay Cool, Unique, Heavy, Deep and Sinful?

There are a lot of words that you can use to describe Sanjay as a person, a friend, a brother, a boyfriend, a son or just a plain human being, but there is one word that comes in mind right off the bat and that is unique. As a child, Sanjay is one of the most unique and coolest individuals you will ever meet. His uncanny ability to draw the attention of the crowd in any room he walks in is nothing like you have ever seen. He was so cheerful that anyone who sits in the room with him for just even a couple of minutes will be infected by his luscious charms and his charisma. That didn’t last long though as an unfortunate accident in his childhood led him to the dark, deep & sinful path he currently is in.

When Sanjay was merely two years of age, his elder brother passed away and his life has never been the same since. There were times in his life from his childhood to being a teenager that saw him being cheerful and happy again, but that didn’t last as he was constantly bullied and he even had an accident that saw his chin open up from underneath him which tied him up in the emergency room for weeks. When Sanjay regained consciousness, that is when the demon inside him arose.

A Sinfully Vin Exclusive

When Sanjay started high school, his path to darkness only became stronger as he started to listen, to read and to believe in the unearthly, evil and demonic stuff that only human beings like him can fathom. He started to listen to bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Severe Torture, Brutal Truth, Broken Hope, Mayhem, Lamb Of God, Cradle Of Filth, T666 and many more. He even started to be interested in the occult, witchcraft, and Satanism that he purchased The Satanic Bible and read it from cover to cover.

As college came, Sanjay started his own band and even performed songs that are related to demons, death, satan and everything evil he can think off and this was done on a weekly basis. Sanjay was even offered to start his own Satanic Cult by his own college professor as there was nothing in the student handbook that prevented them from doing so. A cult was then formed weeks later with 10 members to start. This cult went up to 30 members and lasted for the entire 4 years of college before it eventually ended as every member had their own thing and life to look after.

As years went by, the band still continued playing their evil tunes and Sanjay even drank pig’s blood with the pig’s remains every time he went up to the stage. Sanjay was even so drawn and interested in skulls that he started collecting skull accessories and other demonic stuff and sold them as part of his Son Of God Merchandising company. He came up with the name Son Of God as a way to throw off the people as he is selling demonic and evil stuff in a company that has the name of God in it. The band that he was eventually split up years after when members started having families and migrating to different parts of the world. This is when Sanjay started to have a relationship of his own and when he became deep & sinful.

Sanjay was deeply and madly in love with his current girlfriend and he still is. He has influenced his girlfriend in a lot of ways that she would have never imagined. Before Sanjay met his girlfriend, she was innocent in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to music, the intimate stuff, and the dark side. They have a 10 year age gap and during the course of their relationship, Sanjay has taught her and exposed her to a lot of different things such as listening to the music of Disturbed, Metallica & Slipknot, becoming interested in the dark side which includes demons and black magic and wanting to do intimate stuff each and every time they meet and constantly even talking about sperm and Sanjay’s privates, among other things.

A Sinfully Vin Exclusive

Sanjay is what you call a person that is very influential and he always gets what he wants and he can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Despite having a dark side, Sanjay is someone you can always depend on and trust in during the bad and the good times. Sanjay has been called many things in his life such as master, the demon, satan, lord, friend and many more, but one thing Sanjay is not – he is not a liar and a cheater and when life has got you down you can always find Sanjay to be there and to help you get over those issues and problems in life. Sanjay will always and forever be known as The One True Evil Master.

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A Sinfully Vin Exclusive

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