standard What’s truly important lies within you!


It is believed that when the pencil maker made a pencil, he meticulously instructed the pencil to teach humans significant life lessons. These lessons can teach us a multitude of things if followed. They can make human lives better.

The biggest life lesson a pencil can give us is probably telling us what is essential. The pencil no matter how pretty is it on the outside or how colorful and bright it is, what matters in it is the lead inside. This is something we need to understand in our lives as well.

Each one of us today is concerned with our looks, our hairstyles, our clothing, our vehicles, our gadgets, or other material possessions. We are so caught up in presenting ourselves to the outside world; we often forget what lies inside of us all! In this day and age, we are known more through the help of our ‘valuables,’ through our ‘material education.’ What is important for us all today is our personalities, our charisma, our confidence and mannerisms, all our different ‘valuables,’ apart from our material possessions. However, not many know it today that these are just distractions for your soul, for your ‘awakening.’

Somehow, today these ‘valuables’ have gained momentum over our ‘spiritual education’ – our way of awakening our soul. Our soul needs to be fed with ‘spiritual education’ constantly. Only then can we function in this material world. We are so busy “presenting” ourselves to the outside world; we forget what is important is inside of us. Caught in the materialistic chains, the soul is not as important for us. Deceit, fraud, success, wealth, etc. have substituted for the same.

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While it is not wrong to be successful in the field you are, what is wrong is how ‘manipulative’ or ‘deceitful’ were you for gaining it. Success achieved through these means can never be sustained for long.

People have long forgotten their “lead,” their ‘soul.’ Human lives instead of being known today for their morals, their character, beliefs, innocence, purity are known now for their ‘materialistic’ counterparts. Similar to the pencil’s lead, our soul is the most significant part of our lives. The part on which we are supposed to work, however, we do not. There needs to be found an equilibrium between the ‘soul’ and the ‘society.’ This balance needs to be found through spiritual guidance, through a spiritual awakening, through valuing spiritualism and good morals over everything else.

We should be known for our principles, instead of being led by the ‘society’s principles’! To function properly in this world, spiritualism, morals, and principles are the only way out. Thus, strike a chord between your ‘valuables’ and your ‘values.’ Be driven in life because of your morals and not because of your appearance. Be known as the kind of a person you are, and not for your wealth and status! Always remember, when the ‘lead’ finishes, the pencil is of no use! Therefore, what is important lies within us!

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