What’s your number?

As I mentioned in my article titled “Do you believe in vibes and aura?”, everything in the universe is vibration of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Man made numbers and a good to know fact for us is how the shapes of numbers were derived as shown below:
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Numerology is the study of numbers and the effect they have on our life. Quoting from Wikipedia, numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events, it is also the study of numerical value of letters in a word, name or ideas. In my other article titled “Astronomy and how that translates to astronomy” we discussed how the celestial bodies outside our planet Earth help in predicting future and many human traits. Similarly our date of birth and other numbers derived from the spelling of our name can be used to analyse the different aspects of our personality.





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Numerologists have different opinion on evolution of numerology, although the most ancient records of numerology appear in Egyptian and Babylon and there is also evidence that it was used thousands of years ago in Rome, China, Japan and Greece. Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras is considered to be the father of modern western numerology.
For a lay man like me and you we just need to know the five core numbers which make numerology for us:
1. Life Path Number.
2. Birth Day Number.
3. Personality Number.
4. Expression Number.
5. Hearts Desire Number.


life path number personality 300x197 - What's your number?Simply find out your life path number by adding all digits of your date of birth as shown below. So the next time someone tries to flirt with you and asks you what’s your number just tell them your life path number. If the person is smart he or she will know what you are talking about.


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