standard When Venus goes Retrograde

When Venus goes Retrograde

By: Astrologer Kira

Retrograde Venus

Until now you might have learned that when the planet Mars is retrograde this carries the symbolic of a “man returning” into your life. In the same sense, you could conclude that retrograde Venus means that the “woman is returning”, however, this is wrong.

Venus is the planet which represents our sense of balance, beauty, pleasure and most importantly, values. And when this planet is going backwards, yes, you might think about someone from your romantic past, your emotions will be filled with regrets and probably deep inner questioning, but this won’t guarantee the actual return of that particular person.

In the same manner people who have retrograde Venus in their natal charts tend to overanalyze their relationships and by the process called psychological projection, they also tend to frustrate their partners, which pulls them back and leads to “I just knew right from the start – one day you will leave me” self-fulfilling prophecy.

When Venus goes Retrograde
Having in mind that Venus governs our values, natives with the retrograde Venus in their charts; use the same thinking mechanism regarding their psychological or material possessions. The main themes are: “Is this good enough for me?”, “Will I gain from this action/investment/relationship?” and “What is the potential for the long-term gains regarding this person or an idea?”, many self-torturing questions which often lead to obstacles or blockages. This is not an easy aspect to deal with all the time, but eventually the native will have to learn to relax and flow a bit more in life.

When Venus goes Retrograde

The planet Venus turns retrograde every eighteen months and the period of backward motion lasts for forty days. This is not the best time to change your hairstyle, buy something luxurious, and organize engagement or any event which represents the joy of gathering. However, the thing you should be aware the most is not to schedule any surgical procedure related to beauty. One thing is to cut your hair and then to realize that you don’t like it, because hair will grow back. But it’s a completely another thing to operate your nose, lips, breasts or any other part of the body and find out that this is not what you expected.

When Venus goes Retrograde
This fall Venus will be retrograde from 5th of October all the way until 16th of November. During this time frame the goddess of love and pleasure will transit through the sign of Scorpio, return into Libra again for a short period and then continue her travel through Scorpio again. Along her way she will make very tense aspects toward Pluto and then Mars, although she will find mutual interests with Saturn. This means the time of significant inner transformations for all of us, moving on from someone we’ve been attached to for too long and finding the support and stable feelings with someone who is seven or more years older or younger. This is also the story of the goddess Persephone, who has to return to the underworld to her husband Pluto. Everything on the surface of the Earth will die to be reborn again. This is certainly a painful process, but the only possible one, if we really want to move on and evolve.

When Venus goes Retrograde

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