Why is Sex a Sin? Really now…

Sin is fun isn’t it? It’s forbidden which makes it interesting. The thing is, sin, by definition is religious and the fact that most religions disagree on it is not only interesting but comical. Did you know that even sects within different religions can’t agree on whether or not sex is sinful?

The Root of Sexual Sin

Sex itself is a gray area of what most religions call “sin”. On the one hand sex is a necessary part of procreation, without it the human race would cease to exist and there are few religions that have that as a goal, in fact, for many the goal is the entire opposite – to people the world with their followers. To understand why sex is sinful we have to go right back to the beginning. This is why it’s separated by the word “lust” in most instances. Sex, the simple act of procreation, can therefore be deemed acceptable while sexual contact motivated by lust isn’t.

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Judeo-Christian Sex

For followers of the old testament sex became sinful when we gained knowledge from the tree in the garden of Eden. By having knowledge and knowing that our bodies were sexual beings we could use that to gain pleasure and not just procreation. Skillful pleasure meant pride (another sin) and that went beyond the simple Darwin need to procreate, it became a moral and not just a physical question. By trying to solve the problem of sex it was easier to simply label anything outside of procreation, as sinful.

According to Romans 1:21-26 “dishonorable passions” were the exchange by God in exchange for his truth meaning that those who did not honor God were ruled by their lusts and therefore inferior.


Another reason that pride is to blame for lust being seen as sinful is that it can also be the root of most of the other “Deadly Sins”. Pride can be responsible for gluttony, for greed, and even for sloth. When we are driven by pride every action we take is tainted by keeping that pride fed and confirming our superiority. The thing here is that at some point we’ve all been prideful, and we’ve all experienced a “sin”, yet here we are.

The key scripture in why this matters is found in 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 – “you are not your own, you were bought with a price”. This references Christ giving his body up in exchange for humanity with the expectation that humanity would refrain from future sin in exchange for this “gift”.

Why is Sex a Sin? Really now...

Do We Care?

Frankly, it’s 2018. Life sucks, we’re all in a rat-race of hate, bigotry, racism, and financial downfall and literally two minutes from nuclear world war according to the Doomsday Clock. If you can find some shred of happiness in your daily life and it comes from actually enjoying sex as a consensual adult with another consensual adult then fuck it, do it. Life is short, much shorter than we realize most of the time, and if you’re going to be miserable following a set of rules in the hope that the big sky person is not going to punish you once it’s over then your existence is pretty bleak.

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However, the great thing about Judeo-Christian religion is that you can literally do anything during your life and as long as you “apologize” to that great sky person before you die you’ll be forgiven and “saved” with no consequences. It’s a pretty sweet loophole when you think about it. So sin away!

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Why is Sex a Sin? Really now...

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